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Teachers bookmark the websites for students so they can better use their time online. Specially designed for busy teachers, Quicklinks makes bookmarking fast and easy.

When students use teacher assigned bookmarks, they spend more time gathering information and use computer time more efficiently.

Grade: 3   

adds prerecorded sounds to multimedia product


View published student work by room number:
(room 25 is the demo class)

Manage a writing project with your students online. Students can easily add formatted text and pictures to their stories and reports. Teachers can evaluate work in progress and communicate with students online. Publish student work on the Internet with one click.

Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on Windows 95 and higher required.

Discuss your assignments with other students and your teacher. Share your thoughts on the assigned web links and suggest your own.


Teachers can use this application to share a calendar, check out shared technology equipment and post classroom events.

Calendar created by Active Server Corner and Manohar Kamath.

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Flash Learning Games(Flash 6 Player Required)

Flash Learning Games Page

Other Activities
Google Earth California Missions: kmz file, and worksheet and lesson plan.
Sketchpad: draw online and print.
Write-Arrange: create, resize, and arrange notes.
Poetiscope: Create a kaleidoscope with words.
GeoCollage: a photo/GPS convergence.
Zooming: mayfly wing.

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Classroom Technology Models, lesson plans and resources.

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